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En este blog quiero mostrar diferentes decoraciones que voy creando para diferentes amigos. Son diseños creados con ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. Si quereis mas información podeis contartar por mail

Minardi M02 Marc Gené

Christian E. nos cuenta como ha transformado un McLaren MP4/15 en este modelo pilotado por Marc Gené. 
(texo por: Cristian E.)

What I`ve done:
The basic model was a McLaren MP4/15 from year 2000 season. The model was crapped, had missing parts and damages in decals and painting - so, an ideal conversion basic!
First of all I`ve dissasembled the model. I`ve removed the McLaren chimney on both sides of the cowling and used filling material the fill the hole.  In second step, I``ve used filling material to convert the airbox intake to look like the Minardi version.
The next step already was painting the body. I`ve used Revell`s yellow color 12, aqua version, in combination with my airbrush system. After the main paint was dry, I`ve used a car-clear coat to geht the paint glossy.
While the color was drying, I`ve started to biuld up the small parts. The tires are from a 1999 Arrows A19 I had in spare, the alloys from a 1998 McLaren MP4/13. I`ve painted the alloys in satin black, Revell 302. The airbox camera is a spare part from a 2009 Ferrari F60.
The seat I`ve assambled was a spare part from a 1991 Jordan 191 model which was converted to a driver figure.
All right, paint was dry now, I`ve placed the upper exhaust pipes. These are decals only from a 1998 Marlboro conversion set for a Ferrari F300 model. As the decals were to small, I needed to enlarge them with satin black paint.
After that, I`ve started painting the front wing (yellow and black), the bargeboards (yellow) and the rear wing (yellow, black and blue, Revell 52)
After everything was dry, I`ve assembled all parts and the model was nearly ready.
I`ve placed Miguel`s fine decals and finally, I`ve changed a Coulthard MP4/15 to a Gene Minardi M02 model.
I like it, and you hope you enjoy it, too.

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Where can I get the decals and how much
My email is royal_football_rox@yahoo.co.uk

Where can I get the decals and how much? DANLANDER2005@HOTMAIL.COM Have you decals of miñardi M01?

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